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Click the "Schedule Today" Button

Once you click the schedule today button you will be brought to the scheduling calendar.  Simply walk through the scheduling and payment system to set the date.  This is our LIMITED TIME fundraiser to help get Prayer Warriors 365 up and running and most importantly to help you one on one in your prayer life.  There are currently live group meetings and upcoming online meetings.

Set up your meeting on the appointment calendar!

The appointment calendar will walk you through the best time for your online appointment.  Next you will be ask you a few preliminary questions in order to prepare for the meeting.  Lastly, we use for the online meeting rooms which allow you the option of online video conferencing or you can simply use the phone number with access code to call into the meeting room.  The choice is yours!

Connect to your meeting room!

Give yourself at least 5-10 minutes before the meeting is to start to connect with  Your email will give you a link to the room.  Simply download the launcher and let the application connect you to the room with your computer audio and video equipment.  Or if you experience any problems or would prefer you can simply call the phone number and use the access code to enter the meeting room.

True Power of Christian Prayer

Prayer is free,
Yet Prayer is Priceless!

The cost of this priceless gift was the death on the cross of God’s only begotten Son.  The curtain into the Holy of Holies was torn and we were permitted access to God (Matthew 27:50–51).  We were given the gift of communion (two-way intimate communication) with God:  the Father, the Son, Jesus Christ , and the Holy Spirit.  

Prayer is every Christians first calling, because it opens the door of total intimacy with Our Lord.  It is where we abide in Him and He can abide in us.  The question so many Christians seem to miss is what do we get with prayer.

With prayer comes, Spiritual wisdom.
With prayer comes, supernatural healing.
With prayer comes, complete restoration.
With prayer comes, Divine Biblical revelation.
With prayer comes, limitless blessings.
With prayer comes, Godly direction.
With prayer comes, the fullness of Salvation.
With prayer comes, amazing Grace.
With prayer comes, Heavenly miracles.
With prayer comes, full deliverance.
With prayer comes, true freedom.
With prayer comes, total surrender.
With prayer comes, continual strength.
With prayer comes, growing courage.

With prayer comes, overcoming victory.
With prayer comes, true discernment.
With prayer comes, true humility.
With prayer comes, unshakable faith.
With prayer comes, peace that surpasses all understanding.
With prayer comes, joy that knows no bounds.

With prayer comes, trust in Him.
With prayer comes, abundant life.
With prayer comes, God’s unconditional love.

Your prayer life is the most valuable gift God has given you, learn to use it effectively for yourself and others!

Prayer Warriors 365

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