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Personal Journey with Jesus

We know the words, “Come Follow Me,” but do we know, really KNOW Jesus.

On this highly intimate personal journey in the time, we have in this world we, as True Believers, walk in the fullness of Salvation in Christ Jesus.

We are born again into God’s Kingdom. As we surrender the “old man,” of this world,
and by God’s amazing Grace we are being transformed into the “new man” in the fullness of Salvation in God’s Kingdom. 

Resources For This Message

You will be provided a copy of the SlideDeck of the PowerPoint presentation each week in PDF format. The following is the Slide Deck for this week (Click Title below to Download):

003-RPoP-Men’s-Come-Follow-Me-2022 -Slide Deck

The video clip of Jesus Walking on the Water is available for viewing on Vimeo:

003- RPoP Jesus-walking-on-water-video clip

This 2021 version is presented along with the Celebrate Recovery Participant guides 1 through 4 available at

Groups and LIVE Meetings 

We are currently holding the following meetings online:

Prayer Warriors 365 Step Study online meetings to be arranged.

Please email us @ , if you are interested in joining these or upcoming meetings and events.

Armor of God Soldier-Prayer Warriors 365The Prayer:

Prayers that are available for your use.  We suggest that you make them your own and learn to talk with the Lord through prayer.

Click the title for your copy of this Spiritual Warfare Prayer:



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Regina M. Dick

Regina M. Dick


Director of Good News Broadcasting & Multimedia facilitating the Prayer Warriors 365 series.


Jesus said, “I am the Way and the Truth and the Life

No one comes to the Father except through me.”

John 14:6