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Restoration & Power of Prayer 001 The Introduction

000 The Introduction

Welcome to Prayer Warriors 365 – Restoration & Power of Prayer 2021 version. Armor Up! It is a one-day-at-a-time personal journey of change and freedom through ongoing prayer and restoration. You will experience a change of perspective, a renewal of the mind, as you overcome challenges and obstacles in every area of life.

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001 Why Pray?

The Door was Open To Us for Powerful Prayer

It is through the redeeming power of Jesus Christ, the atonement of the cross that we can stand before God in prayer —the door was opened to the Throne Room of God.

As a true Believer in Jesus Christ, our highest and greatest calling is prayer.

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002 The Word

Word is in you and the Word is near you. 

The tongue has the power of life and death and we are held accountable for every word we have spoken. So, to begin we confess with our mouth our proclamation of faith in God.  As we journey with the Lord we abide (live) in His Word, and our prayers avail much.

Restoration & Power of Prayer -003-Come Follow Me Image

003 "Come Follow Me"

We know the words, “Come Follow Me,” but do we know, really KNOW Jesus.

On this highly intimate personal journey in the time we have in this world we, as True Believers, walk in the fullness of Salvation in Christ Jesus.

Restoration & The Power of Prayer - 004-The Holy Spirit lesson

004 The Holy Spirit

The Third Person of The Triune Unity of God

Who is the Holy Spirit?  Who was He in the Old Testament and who is He in the New Testament?  And how does this affect us now?

The Spirit of God, the Spirit of Love, the Spirit of Truth…the Holy Spirit.”

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005 Hearing God's Voice

Hearing God’s voice requires following the good Shephard -Jesus Christ. Learn the distinct features and habits of hearing the good Shepard and following His voice.

Discover the three distinct features of Hearing God’s voice which are life-changing once they are understood.

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Restoration & Power of Prayer -003-Come Follow Me Image


As a true Believer in Jesus Christ, our first, our highest, and our greatest calling is prayer.

Regina M Dick