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Praying for others in Intercessory Prayer is an honor and a privilege we take very seriously. Your requests are brought in prayer each week during our powerful prayer meetings.  As believers in Jesus Christ, we come together finding healing, deliverance, restoration, freedom and true faith one-day-at-a-time.

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PLEASE NOTE: You do not have the repeat the prayer request.  Prayer requests are not posted immediately we have monitors who will go over each prayer request individually.  So requests can be delayed before posting.

Once you fill out the PRAYER REQUEST the information from the form goes into our database in order for us to now keep in touch and keep in prayer through our growing intercessory prayer teams. We also send invitations to different online Christian programs or updates from Good News Broadcasting & Multimedia, Inc.


You will receive emails from Good News Broadcasting & Multimedia, Inc or Prayer Warriors 365 only. 

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Daniel Cahill

Praise the LORD Prayer Warriors 365!One of the very harmful side effects of the pandemic was that people were no longer able to affectionately able to touch each other give each other a hug especially us church folk! When you are homeless those are hard to come by anyway but when i come to the library and see you wrote me tell me care and are praying for me that is just the touch i need i feel it is right from GOD! GOD richly bless you and thank you brother Danny 8/2/21 p.s asking prayer for strength p,s i have no phone

PW365 Heart Note:

The JOY of the LORD is my STRENGTH. You are the "object of His Love". In His presence is Fullness of Joy. All these scriptures are guiding us into a closer, more intimate walk with Jesus. Spend more time with Him. You don't even have to speak...learn to listen. Wait before the Lord in expectancy. You won't be disappointed. He's always there waiting for you. Ask the Lord to start to teach you about your identity in Him. What happen to you when you surrendered all of yourself to Him. There's much to learn. He may give you a Word of Knowledge, a Scripture, an unction. Don't limit Him. But in reverence & love expect Him to help you. He will. We have been given everything we will ever need to live an abundant life in Christ at the time of our Rebirth. (Don't perish because of lack of knowledge) As you realize by learning what you have in the "new man" that you are, you will begin to live & think differently. In your "Spirit Man" you are .... ready for this....JUST LIKE JESUS. Your Spirit Man has been born again into the likeness of Christ. You are ONE with the Godhead right now. Your mind and body are not - right now. You need to be busy "RENEWING your mind". Your body will be glorified when Christ returns for us. Stop thinking about yourself as the old man, but study about Christ & who you really are in Him. It's awesome & takes effort to change our old way of thinking. However, when you start, you will see things change. There's more, so much more & it's unlimited!

Received: August 3, 2021

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