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Praying for others in Intercessory Prayer is an honor and a privilege we take very seriously. Your requests are brought in prayer each week during our powerful prayer meetings.  As believers in Jesus Christ, we come together finding healing, deliverance, restoration, freedom and true faith one-day-at-a-time.

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PLEASE NOTE: You do not have the repeat the prayer request.  Prayer requests are not posted immediately we have monitors who will go over each prayer request individually.  So requests can be delayed before posting.

Once you fill out the PRAYER REQUEST the information from the form goes into our database in order for us to now keep in touch and keep in prayer through our growing intercessory prayer teams. We also send invitations to different online Christian programs or updates from Good News Broadcasting & Multimedia, Inc.

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Good morning. My name is Amy. I recently rededicated my life to Jesus. On the same day, my 14 year old son gave his life to Jesus. I am requesting prayer for myself and my family.

Me: I have suffered from anxiety and depression much of my life. As an adult I was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder and an expressive/receptive language disorder. This diagnosis was much of the cause for my anxiety and depression, in conjunction with childhood trauma. When I was diagnosed, I happened to be studying for my Master's in Speech and Language Pathology. The high anxiety I experienced attempting to "keep up" in a field in which I had a disability prompted me to see a psychiatrist. I was prescribed many medications, one of them being xanax...a benzo. I was not told that it could be addictive. Fast forward....I took it for several years. When I June, I stopped taking it. Severe withdrawal symptoms were the result: panic attacks, suicidal ideation, tinnitus, parasthesias, vision changes, etc. I saw many specialists, but no one, not even my psychiatrist sugggested that it was the xanax. In fact, my psychiatriat told me to take more xanax. Now I am severely addicted. I tried going to a detox center for help but the situation was a disaster, primarily due to my autism diagnosis. I am currently working with a psychiatriat to taper me off of the benzo. However, I have had to take leave from work as each time I reduce the medication, I experience tinnitus (which, due to my sound sensitivity as a result of autism particulary cripples me), suicidal ideation, anxiey, social withdrawal, amotivation, difficulties concentrating, etc. I am asking for prayer for the tinnitus to be eradicated, and withdrawal symptoms to be lessened so that I can more quickly be rid of this drug and it's hold on my life, resume work, and resume being a mother to my child, and a wife to my husband.

My child: He was diagnosed with autism at 17 months. We were told that he might never speak. God had different plans and he is now not only speaking, but in gifted classes. He recently accepted Jesus. He also has Type 1 Diabetes, severe and multiple anaphylactic food allergies, asthma, obsessive thoughts, and growth deficiency. I am requesting prayer for God to strenghten his faith and never leave his side, to surround him with good friends and a sound mind. I am requesting physical healing from the allergies, poor growth, obsessive thoughts, and asthma, and if it is His will, the diabetes because I know God can do anything.

Husband: He suffered from extreme and multiple child abuse growing up. Even so, he has always cared for others...his siblings, strangers, his family. He always puts others first and other's dreams first. Recently, he has become extremely depressed due to physical health issues (diabetes type 2, back injury, and high blood pressure), my struggles, my son's struggles. He has also always wanted to go to school to study acupuncture and to visit Japan (he put aside these dreams so that I could go to school). He thinks that now, with me not working, and due to his age, that he will never be able to do these things. I am requesting prayer for healing over his mind, soul, and body...for realization of his dream to go to and successfully complete school and see Japan. And, for him to be strengthened in his walk with Jesus as a new believer.

I feel helpless, dejected overcome... like I am drowning. I am asking Jesus to come and help us and intervene in our lives. I feel like I can't bear another minute. I feel like I have no strength left.

Received: November 17, 2020

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